Sudden Suburb: Vineyard, Utah (2020)

Urbanizing the Suburbs (2018)

In the 21st century, many people want dense urban walk-able spaces which are generally not found in the suburbs. See how city leaders, developers, and architects work to together to make suburbs relevant again.

Brutalism in the 21st Century (2018)

50 years after Sinclair Community College was designed for an urban renewal site, architect Peter Capone discusses how the brutalist structures have evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century student.

Boombox Retail (2017)

Architect Katherine Darnnstadt helps the city of Chicago think small to develop micro retail shops from old shipping containers.

What is Inclusive Design? (2016)

Explore how an MODA4 Design + Architecture is helping transform his community through stunning architecture and universal design. The new Goodwill Easter Seals building sees five times more visitors than the old building and uses innovative design to welcome people of all abilities. The most popular feature, The Helix, is a 400′ ramp that connects all three floors and allows people of all abilities an alternative to elevators where they can socialize and see views of the city.


Explore the inside of an award-winning architect’s own house that he designed upside down to take advantages of views of the Cleveland, the Cuyahoga River, and Lake Erie. The non-traditional lot creates an urban solution for a suburban lot in the city.

Wild Turkey Bourbon Visitor’s Center (2016)

Set along the banks of the scenic Kentucky River, the Wild Turkey Bourbon Visitor’s Center greets visitors with spectacular views of the landscape and the distilling process. The award-winning building is crafted by architects de Leon + Primmer out of mundane, ordinary materials, but the craft of design creates an exquisite space.

Trail Head (2016)

How do you help girls overcome their fear and enjoy the adventure of the outdoors? Kansas City architecture firm El Dorado creates an energetic structure as the launching point for outdoor activities. See how initially timid girls embrace nature from the Prairie Schooner Girls Scout Camp Trail Center.

BLGS (2015)

Automobile-themed projects for people find architects Brian Bell and David Yocum. See how they transformed a carriage house into an art gallery and a military motor pool building into the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech.

Keenan Tower House (2014)

A tree house above the trees – Marlon Blackwell, FAIA talks about the design of this playful tower and how small projects have informed his career as an architect