Current Classes (Fall 2023)

Design Studio 5

Environmental Systems

Previous Classes Taught

Historic Preservation – Royal University for Women, Bahrain

History & Preservation courses

Architectural History and Preservation (Sinclair Community College)1, 3

Global History of Architecture since 1700 (Utah Valley University)3

History of Architecture I & II (University of Memphis and Sinclair Community College)3

Historic Preservation: Documentation (Royal University for Women)1

Middle Eastern Architecture History (University of Utah)2, 3

World History to 1500 (Miami University)

World History since 1500 (Miami University)

Fabulous 5 – Design Village Competition – Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – People’s Choice Award Winner

Design courses

Architectural Design w/ AutoCAD I & II (Sinclair Community College)3

Architectural Design Workshop (University of Utah)

Advanced Design Studio II – Comprehensive Studio (University of Memphis)2

Advanced Design Studio III – Comprehensive Studio (University of Memphis)2

Design Studio I (University of Memphis, University of Utah, Utah Valley University)

Design Studio III (Jordan University of Science and Technology)

Design Studio IV (University of Memphis and University of Utah)1

Design Studio 5 – Comprehensive Studio, Interior Design and Architecture (University of Memphis)

Introduction to Architectural Design (Sinclair Community College)3

Graduate Seminars

Perception and Architecture Through Filmmaking – Theory and Practice (University of Memphis)2

Advanced Materials – Textiles (University of Memphis)2

Historical Research and Visualization (University of Memphis)2

3rd Year Design Studio – Jordan University of Science and Technology

Professional Practice courses

Professional Practice for Interior Design (University of Memphis)3

Building Codes & Construction Law (Utah Valley University and Sinclair Community College)

Representation courses

Advanced 2D AutoCAD (Sinclair Community College)

Advanced Design Seminar I – Perception and Architecture through Film (University of Memphis)

Architectural Rendering (Utah Valley University)

Architectural Rendering & Model Building (Sinclair Community College)

Introduction to AutoCAD (Utah Valley University, Sinclair Community College, and Salt Lake Community College)

Introduction to Manual and CAD Drafting (Sinclair Community College)

Manual Drafting I (Sinclair Community College)

Architectural Rendering – Utah Valley University

Construction courses

Blueprint Reading (Sinclair Community College)3

Cost Estimating (Sinclair Community College)

Construction Methods & Materials (Sinclair Community College)

Manual Drafting II & Construction Workshop (Sinclair Community College)1,3

Architectural Drafting and Construction – Sinclair Community College

Building Technology and Engineering courses

Architectural Energy Analysis (Sinclair Community College)1

Architectural Restoration (Sinclair Community College)1

Soil Mechanics (Sinclair Community College)

1Courses with community outreach or community service component

2Graduate courses

3Course Coordinator