Current Classes

ARCH 1211 – Architecture History 1

ARCH 3431 – Professional Practice for Interior Design

ARCH 3714 – Design Studio 4

Previous Classes Taught

Design Studio 1 – Utah Valley University

History & Preservation courses

Architectural History and Preservation (Sinclair Community College)*

Global History of Architecture since 1700 (Utah Valley University)

History of Architecture I & II (Sinclair Community College)

Historic Preservation: Documentation (Royal University for Women)*

Middle Eastern Architecture History (University of Utah)

World History to 1500 (Miami University)

World History since 1500 (Miami University)

Historic Preservation – Royal University for Women, Bahrain

Design courses

Architectural Design w/ AutoCAD I & II (Sinclair Community College)

Architectural Design Workshop (University of Utah)

Studio I (Utah Valley University)*

Design Studio I (University of Memphis and University of Utah)

Design Studio III (Jordan University of Science and Technology)

Design Studio IV (University of Utah)*

Introduction to Architectural Design (Sinclair Community College)

3rd Year Design Studio – Jordan University of Science and Technology

Representation courses

Advanced 2D AutoCAD (Sinclair Community College)

Advanced Design Seminar I – Perception and Architecture through Film (University of Memphis)

Architectural Rendering (Utah Valley University)

Architectural Rendering & Model Building (Sinclair Community College)

Introduction to AutoCAD (Utah Valley University, Sinclair Community College, and Salt Lake Community College)

Introduction to Manual and CAD Drafting (Sinclair Community College)

Manual Drafting I (Sinclair Community College)

Architectural Rendering – Utah Valley University

Construction courses

Blueprint Reading (Sinclair Community College)

Building Codes & Construction Law (Utah Valley University and Sinclair Community College)

Cost Estimating (Sinclair Community College)

Construction Methods & Materials (Sinclair Community College)

Manual Drafting II & Construction (Sinclair Community College)*

Architectural Drafting and Construction – Sinclair Community College

Building Technology and Engineering courses

Architectural Energy Analysis (Sinclair Community College)*

Architectural Restoration (Sinclair Community College)*

Soil Mechanics (Sinclair Community College)

*Courses with community outreach or community service component