Current Research

Virtual Reality and International Design Collaboration – developing strategies for collaborative design in remote locations by teaming up with Architecture students from Al-Najah University to design a community center in Nablus.

Using to meet in a virtual model

Interior Reconstruction of Hypostyle Hall, Great Temple of Karnak, Egypt uses color and lighting simulations to assess the legibility of the architectural inscriptions and their hierarchy.

An example of newly cleaned columns at Esna Temple showing the richness of the original color.

Orange Mound History Project tells the story of the oldest African-American neighborhood through 3D virtual reconstructions and GIS mapping of its architectural heritage.

Screen shot of virtual model of Douglass Avenue in Orange Mound using an Unreal video game engine (model in SketchUp, render in TwinMotion).


Orange Mound History Project: Douglass Avenue History and Visualization, Memphis, TN, 2021

NAAB Initial Architectural Program Report for Candidacy, 2019 – Utah Valley University

Historic Structures Report, Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ratio Architects, 2017 – contributor for Ohio History Connection

Penciling and Key Ruled Joints: Decorative Techniques for Imperfect Brick, 2017 – Boston Architectural College and Ohio History Connection internal research

Concrete Conservation Report: Ohio History Center, 2017 – Boston Architectural College

Historic Impact Assessment, 1970 City Hall, 2017 – City of Kettering, Ohio


Snider, Marika Dalley. 2012. Entropy and exclusivity: gender and change in the retail environment, Alexandria, Egypt (1970-2011).

Downtown Alexandria, Egypt department store window display

Book Chapter

“New Trinkets in Old Spaces: Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili and the Question of Authenticity,” with Anna Madoeuf, in The Bazaar and the Islamic City: Design, Culture and History, Mohammad Gharipour (ed.), American University in Cairo Press, 2012.

Medieval Bab al-Badistan in Cairo’s Khan Al-Khalili market

Encyclopedia Entry

“Cathedrals and Mosques,” in Winfred J. Bisson, World History Encyclopedia, Era 4: Expanding Regional Civilizations, 300-1000. ABC-CLIO, 2009.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Guide to AIA Contract Documents for Small Firms, Sole Practitioners, and Custom Residential Architects, co-editor with Michael Bell, Leonard Kady, and Susan Van Bell. Washington, DC: AIA Contract Documents, 2021.

How the AIA’s New Custom Residential Agreements Help Custom Home Architects and Contractors, Marika Snider, Michael Bell, and Leonard Kady. Washington, DC American Institute of Architects Contract Documents, 2021.

“Sudden Suburbs and the Challenge of 21st Century Urbanism: Vineyard, Utah,” Journal of Architecture Media Politics: Society Rapid Cities – Responsive Architectures, May 2021.

“Using Cinematographic Tools for Historic House Digital Restorations,” in Conference Proceedings: Intermountain Engineering, Technology, and Computing Conference, Orem, Utah, Oct. 2020.

“Intangible Patterns in Real Space: Using Social Science Methods to Enhance Urban Research in Egypt,” in Considering Research: Reflecting upon current themes in Architectural Research, Philip Plowright and Bryce Gamper (ed.), Lawrence Technical University, 2011.

 “The Okelle and its Viability in the Modern City: 5 Case Studies in Alexandria, Egypt,” in Conference Proceedings of First International Conference on Urban Heritage in the Islamic Countries, May 2010.

“Architectural Identity and Social Construct: How the Imposition of the French New City Affected the Traditional Medina in Tunis,” in Regional Architecture and Identity in the Age of Globalization, Jamal Al-Qawasmi (ed.), CSAAR Press, 2008.

“Virtual Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Fortress at Uronarti,” in Conference Proceedings: Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu: Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Jan. 2007.

Central Tunis, Tunisia with Bab al-Bahr (Sea Gate)

Published DVD Videos

Learning To Use AutoCAD 2006, A DVD Project Series, Marika Snider and Tom Singer, Delmar Publishing, 2005.

Learning To Use AutoCAD 2005, A DVD Project Series, Marika Snider and Tom Singer, Delmar Publishing, 2004.

AutoCAD 2004 3D Solids, A CD Tutorial Series, Marika Snider and Tom Singer, Delmar Publishing, 2004.

Peer Reviewed Webinars

Reduce Headaches: The Residential Remodelers Guide to Contracts, with Michael Bell, AIA Contract Documents Webinar, April 25, 2022

Guide to Preparing Homebuilder Agreements, with Leonard Kady; AIA Contract Documents Webinar, July 8, 2021.

Important Legal Considerations for Home Builders, with Susan Van Bell; AIA Contract Documents Webinar, June 24, 2021.

Contracts 101: Completing Owner/Architect Contracts, with Josh Flowers; AIA Contract Documents Webinar, Apr. 23, 2020.

AIA Contract Documents 4.10 Launch: Explore Master Agreements, Task Orders and other Small Firm Agreements, with Joshua Balance;AIA Contract Documents Webinar, Nov. 7, 2014.

Common Construction Practices that Cancel Out Energy Efficiency and Air Quality, with Dr. Robert Gilbert, LEED AP, BAP; Learn Virtual Webinar, Nov. 18, 2014.

Invited Presentations

Historic Architecture and the Modern City: The Search for Authenticity in Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili, Keynote, 3rd International Conference on Gundishapur, Dezful, Iran, 2021.

The Threshold: Defining Women’s Shopping Space in Alexandria, Egypt, Faculty Research Forum, Royal University for Women, Ar-Riffa, Bahrain 2017.

The History of the Skyscraper, 1870-1935, Guest speaker for History of Architecture II, Royal University for Women, Ar-Riffa, Bahrain, 2017.

Portfolio Curation, Jordan University of Science and Technology Architecture students, Irbid, Jordan, 2014.

Middle Eastern Cities: Cairo & Dubai, Great Cities of the Middle East International Seminar, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2008.

The Prophet’s House and the Great Mosque of Damascus: Two Mosque Prototypes, Hinckley Institute of Politics, University of Utah, Middle East Center Lecture Series, 2008.

Universal Design for Aging in Place, Utah Board of Education, Interior Design teacher in-service, 2008.

Casework Codes and Details, Utah Board of Education, Interior Design teacher in-service, 2008.

Unpublished Research

Three Revolutions and Preservation: Egypt’s Complex Relationship with its Recent Past in Tahrir Square, 2016 – Boston Architectural College

Brief Survey of Digital Visualization Tools for Historic Preservation, Case Study: Dayton Aviation Heritage Sites, 2016 – Boston Architectural College

Modern Shopping Centers and the Souq: A Spatial Comparison, 2010

The Origins of Synagogues in the Ancient World, 2017 – University of Utah