St. Mina and St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church Addition

St. Mina and St. Abanoub Coptic Church, construction of addition (right)

Addition of a new gymnasium, classrooms, and offices for St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Church in Miamisburg, Ohio. Designed to match the character and design of the original church.

Florence and Warren G Harding House and Site Restoration

Warren and Florence Harding House, restored
Harding House with reconstructed kitchen addition (left)

Complete house and site restoration of President Harding’s House, built 1891, including reconstruction of 1920 rear kitchen addition which had been demolished in the 1960s. Project Architect and construction administration of this project while working for Ohio History Connection.

Restoration of Press House built for Harding’s 1920 Presidential campaign and updates to include accessible entrance and toilet facilities. Reconstruction of guard house and site using newsreel footage and aerial photography.

Marion, Ohio, 2020.

Harding Press House (white), Guard House (green, left)

Fruita Crush / Davis Millinery Façade Restoration

Restored façade of Davis Millinery, Provo, Utah
Drawings for Fruita Crush Facade Restoration

Restoration of a small storefront building in Provo, Utah based on historic photos.

D20 – A Bar with Characters

D20 Bar Interior

Remodel of an under-used suburban strip mall into a gamer bar.

Kettering, Ohio, 2016.

Johnston Farm

Exterior restoration of 1815 Farm House for John Johnston and Indian Agency. Exterior project and plans for future interior restoration while working at Ohio History Connection.

Piqua, Ohio, 2017

Testing color samples at Johnston Farmhouse

Restoration and Reconstruction at Serpent Mound

Serpent Mound

Serpent mound is a 1400′ long earthen mound effigy of a snake built 900 years ago. Currently on the US Tentative List for World Heritage Status.

Design for restoration of Civilian Conservation Corps Era (1930s) Caretaker’s House and reconstruction of Maintenance Building after a fire. Work accomplished while employed at Ohio History Connection.

Peebles, Ohio, project on hold.

William Henry Harrison’s Tomb

Repair and upgrade to tomb of President William Henry Harrison, North Bend, Ohio, 2018. Project and construction management while employed at Ohio History Connection.











Creative World of Montessori, Nursery, Centerville, Ohio
Deer Springs Mausoleum, Bountiful, Utah. Designed while working at JRCA.
Lewark Metal Spinning, addition and remodel, Dayton, Ohio

Urban Sketching