Orange Mound Immersive Experience Proof-of-Concept

The Immersive Experience brings the history of Orange Mound to life with a virtual reconstruction of the neighborhood projected nearly life-sized in a panorama 60 feet in length. In this proof-of-concept exhibit, viewers were able to experience Douglass Avenue virtually in 2022 and 1952. The project has been working with residents, community leaders, and Memphis […]

Orange Mound History Project Prototype

Marika Snider led graduate architecture students Shahd Islam, Isaac Barrantes, and Melissa Thielemier in creating a prototype 3D model of Douglass Street in Orange Mound. This is the first step in a larger project to visually document the history of Orange Mound – one of the oldest and largest African-American communities in the United States. […]

21st Century Suburbs

How to re-imagine the Suburbs as transit-oriented walkable cities. See how the fastest growing city in America is doing things differently. A new film by Marika Snider about Vineyard, Utah

Great Shake Out Day

Participate in international earthquake drill day Oct. 15

Traditional Tent Making and Design Principles

Lesson Summary This lesson will introduce students to traditional tent making in Egypt. Students will learn how to analyze the principles of art and design found in Egyptian tent panels through diagramming. Students will compare tent making in Egypt with tents in other parts of the world. Required Supplies / Preparation All lesson necessary lesson […]

Public Art

Have you ever wondered about art you see in your city such as sculptures or murals? Have you wondered why it’s there? Or how to describe it? This week’s lesson is an adaptation of the Association for Public Art’s lesson plans for public art in Philadelphia. Read and follow the lesson plan: ADAPTATION You can […]

Virtual Lesson Plan – Analyzing a Complex and Compelling Visual Image

From AramcoWorld Written by Julie Weiss and used with permission (link above or read below) For students: We hope this guide will help sharpen your reading skills and deepen your understanding of this issue’s articles.  For teachers: We encourage reproduction and adaptation of these ideas, freely and without further permission from AramcoWorld, by teachers […]

Urbanizing the Suburbs

In the 21st century, many people want dense urban walk-able spaces which are generally not found in the suburbs. See how city leaders, developers, and architects work to together to make suburbs relevant again.

New short film – Renewing Urban Renewal

50 years after Sinclair Community College was designed for an urban renewal site, architect Peter Capone discusses how the brutalist structures have evolved to meet the needs of the 21st century student.