The Immersive Experience brings the history of Orange Mound to life with a virtual reconstruction of the neighborhood projected nearly life-sized in a panorama 60 feet in length. In this proof-of-concept exhibit, viewers were able to experience Douglass Avenue virtually in 2022 and 1952.

Immersive Orange Mound Project installed at Department of Architecture Gallery, University of Memphis

The project has been working with residents, community leaders, and Memphis Heritage to record the history of this sacred place in an accessible manner. Ms. Mary Mitchell (below) has been instrumental in facilitating research and welcoming us to the neighborhood.

Special thanks to Michael Boongaling (below) for his technical expertise and tireless tinkering to make this work. The experimental project was put together using salvaged equipment and a whole lot of gaffer’s tape.

In the next iteration of this project we will try to recreate the experience in another location. The goal of the research is to develop accessible (affordable) methods of bringing architecture history to life and to reach out to younger audiences.

Michael Boongaling with classroom projectors to create the immersive experience. The white box marks where viewers can stand and not cast a shadow from any of the projectors.