21st Century Suburbs

How to re-imagine the Suburbs as transit-oriented walkable cities. See how the fastest growing city in America is doing things differently. A new film by Marika Snider about Vineyard, Utah

Urbanizing the Suburbs

In the 21st century, many people want dense urban walk-able spaces which are generally not found in the suburbs. See how city leaders, developers, and architects work to together to make suburbs relevant again.

Fulbright Specialist at Royal University for Women

Thanks to a Fulbright Specialist Grant, I traveled to Bahrain to teach at the Royal University for Women in Ar-Riffa. The grant shares U.S. academics and experienced professions with host institutions around the world for short-term projects. My project was to teach documenting historic structures to a historic preservation class and to do curriculum review. …

New Urbanism Film Festival

Had fun at the New Urbanism Film Festival with fellow film makers and urbanists. Snacking with Scott Schultz of BUSted Los Angeles. I showed 3 films: